Moving forwards

Over the course of the previous section we've explored the fundamentals of the playing the ocarina and music. Hopefully at this point you've started to learn to play some of your favourite songs, and that's awesome. The basic skill of breaking songs down and memorising them can go a long way.

But what if you want to learn to play from sheet music at first sight, or play along with other people by ear? What about improvising your own music, and adapting things to fit? These things are much more general than learning the notes of one melody.

The following parts of this book will help you refine and expand the foundational skills that have been developed so far:

  • First we will explore the basic building blocks of music.
  • Then discuss the art of practice. You may have heard that practice makes perfect, but its not so simple. How you practice matters a lot.
  • We'll then refine the fundamental technique of playing the ocarina. And explore playing ocarina with sheet music, and by ear.
  • .
  • Then making your music sound musical, and adapting music to the ocarina.

This book is meant to be read out of order, and if you're interested in a specific topic feel free to skip directly to it.