Terms and conditions

Terms of orders

Notes regarding shipping address

During normal checkout, your shipping address will be obtained from PayPal. You will be given the opportunity to change it if you wish. However, shipping to an address different from the one associated with the ordering PayPal account is technically against PayPal's terms and conditions, and is done at the liability of the customer.

Changes to shipping addresses after ordering

If at all possible, the correct shipping address should be specified during checkout. However, we are willing to amend shipping address after order completion at the customer's request under the following conditions:

Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in the cancellation and refunding of the affected order.

Ordering made to order products on a deadline

While made-to-order products are usually completed in 2 to 3 weeks, unforeseen circumstances such as kiln issues can create unexpected delays.

Due to this, orders that contain made-to-order products and must be delivered on a deadline, such as a birthday or Christmas, must allow at minimum 6 weeks lead time plus an additional 1 to 2 weeks if international shipping is required.

We also require any customer making such an order to notify us of this fact and the date of the deadline as soon as possible, preferably before placing the order.

If order workload makes us feel uncomfortable in achieving the deadline, we reserve the right to cancel or refuse the order.

Amending, cancelling, and returning orders

Amendments to orders can be made under the following conditions:

For returning products, please see the returns policy.

Shipping and dispatch times

Dispatch time varies depending on if your item(s) are in stock or made to order:

Please note that order shipping is done in batches. Even if items are in stock, shipping may be delayed for one to two days if it allows us to pack and ship multiple orders at once. Pure Ocarinas is operated by one person, and batching shipping increases overall throughput.

We do not ship on weekends.

Items damaged by the shipping service

Under the unlikely event that the postal service damages a product before it arrives with you, we will make the effort to replace it as quickly as we are able, and will claim the item with the shipping company's insurance.

However, we cannot accept any responsibility for lost items sent without tracking.

Items lost in the post

Items not received after a period of 8 weeks can be considered lost. As long as the delay cannot be explained by abnormal events including but not limited to war or a global pandemic, we will claim the item with the shipping company's insurance. We will also offer to send a replacement, or refund you.


Do note that:

Custom orders, including product customisations

Where a customer makes a request to customise an existing product in any way, or requests the manufacture of an entirely custom product, the following conditions apply:

However, Robert is generally no longer willing to take custom orders beyond simple modifications, as custom orders can be unpredictable and take a large amount of time—more than people are usually willing to pay for.

Cases he is willing to consider include: