Soprano G (shellac)

Lockdown Ocarina

My favorite Pure Ocarina

Sounds beautiful despite my bad playing

Ideal Ocarina

I am very fortunate to be an owner of this ocarina. Perfectly crafted, perfect ergonomics, perfect balance between chambers and amazing tone.

Pure Double Alto D - Shellac

Received my Pure alto D, and I'm very happy with it. I must say that it's easily the most ergonomically comfortable ocarina I've played.

Nice sound, well balanced ocarina

I bought this ocarina last year and had the chance to experiment with it for a while. It is a perfect ocarina for practice and play in a closed ambient. It has many features that I like. Ergonomics is very good, it is easy and intuitive to reach both chambers with the fingers, without pivoting the thumb to position properly.

Double Alto G Ocarina

Wonderful Double Alto G

I'm soooo glad that I opted for the unshellacked mouthpiece! I absolutely LOVE how easy this is to change chambers! This has now become my favourite double ocarina!

My new favorite.

The cleanest tone I’ve ever heard and by far one of the most gratifying to play out of my other two ocarinas. Practiacal, smooth, concise and a wonderful trill.


It sounds great and will work in well with my whistles and for playing folk music. It must have been made for me because it did not take long to work out how much breath it required and I was able to play a piece straight off, no fumbling to find out if my fingers were in the right place, which usually happens as my hands are very small. Breathing is a breeze. This ocarina begs to be played, and its pure clean sound will make it a favourite. Its a winner! I love it!

A masterfully crafted instrument

One of the most impressive things Robert's ocarinas is that all of the features that make them aesthetically beautiful make them ergonomic. Every ramp, ridge, and curve on the ocarina aids the player in holding the instrument, making high notes and fast playing easy to handle without any worry of accidental drops. The plain finish, which I ordered, enhances the ergonomics further, as its rough and porous surface prevents the players hands from sticking to the ocarina and thus makes sliding movements easy to accomplish.

Another great creation from Pure

Excellent Instrument

This is, simply put, the finest ocarina I have ever played. The ergonomics are perfect, the instrument balances beautifully in the hands, and the chamber balance is excellent. The breath curve is smooth and predictable, the tuning is excellent, and the tone is just the right balance of breathy and pure. It is an absolute joy to play.

Pure Ocarinas G Major Ocarina

I was absolutely astonished with the roundness and beauty of the sound. It fits well in the hand and I found it easy to find the finger positions. The split fingering on the lowest G / G# is considerably easier to use and, I think, more accurate than the usual sub-hole method.

This instrument is magical

I had the pleasure to meet pure ocarina's founder 2 years ago in Budrio and bought an early model of this Alto C, and I must admit that I can't stop playing it since then. High notes are incredibly easy to reach, the sound has this sweet round tone, and most of all the esthaetic is gorgeous.


This is a great ocarina that I use most the time when I'm home or in safe places. No need for acute bending for the high pitch! Great finishing!! Mine is 1 year old and looks like new.

Excellent ocarina

This is a very good ocarina. Well worth its money. The ocarina sounds great. The size is remarkably small for an Alto C, which is a good thing. Also its weight is really low. All in all, I highly recommend this ocarina, along with the Alto D and the Soprano G, which are excellent too.


As soon as I started to play the scale on the Pure Alto D, I knew I had a winner in my hands. The ocarina had a clear,and clean sound all the way up and down the scale. No weakness in the upper notes and a solid subhole note. The overall balance of the ocarina is good. It sits well in your hands with no danger or tipping when you lift off all your fingers to play high notes.

The purest of sounds

I liked this one, the green one, from the beginning! Its ergonomics are great and the fact that the design is actually made to ease some movements is impressive. The tone it's very light and Pure as I like to call it. The volume is not too loud for a soprano which is something I really appreciate. I highly recommend these ocarinas, this soprano G as well as the alto D model as I had the chance to try both.

Great for folk music sessions

This is a great ocarina which has a straightforward linear breath curve which makes it easy to play in tune. It is expertly designed with ergonomics in mind.

Pure Alto G Ocarina Review

I have no criticism of this ocarina. From the moment I played it it was one of my favourite ocarinas I have ever played and I couldn't recommend them with more emphasis. These are perfect for beginners and professionals alike and I foresee more praise coming as Robert begins to sell more of these.