Learning to play the ocarina by ear

Contrary to popular belief, playing the ocarina by ear is not something you must be born with. It is like reading or speaking a foreign language; until you learn the meanings of the words it sounds like gibberish.

Pure Ocarinas' play by ear resources will help you learn to hear the 'words' of melody, letting you learn how to play any music by ear on your ocarina.

An introduction to playing by ear

Music to play by ear on the ocarina

A collection of music to play by ear, along with a learning aid to help you. It breaks down the music into manageable phrases, loops them for you, and uses pitch detection to provide assistance and feedback.

Complete beginner play by ear exercises for ocarina

Melodies starting with only two or three notes, and progressively getting more complex >>

A collection of folk tunes to play by ear on the ocarina

A large collection of folk tunes, ranging from quite easy to challenging >>

Add your own music in ABC notation

Learn and practice your own music by ear with the Pure Ocarinas play by ear tool, and ABC notation >>