Ocarina intonation practice tools


Ocatune is a dynamic practice drone that helps you hear your intonation. It listens to the note you are currently playing on the ocarina, and plays the closest equal tempered note for you as a reference pitch.

Note that use of headphones is mandatory for the dynamic drone to work correctly.

Usage instructions for ocatune >


Ocavis graphs the pitch of your notes over time, allowing you to easily see if your blowing pressure is stable, and if there are notes you frequently play out of tune.

Usage instructions for ocavis >

Tuning drone

A drone provides a reliable pitch reference to help you play the ocarina in tune. The different ways of using one are explained in the article Playing the ocarina in tune.

Chromatic tuner

A standard chromatic tuner, implemented as a web app for your convenience. A tuner visualises the pitch of notes that you are playing. Tuner usage instructions >