Privacy policy

Depending on your usage of this website, information may be shared with the following entities:

Google analytics

Pure Ocarinas uses google analytics to track site usage, to help optimise the site content. We do not make use of advertising or advertising cookies.


Payments are processed using PayPal, and they are sent information on the items being purchased, so that they can display a cart. I have no control over what PayPal does with this data, or the payment information entered into the PayPal payment gateway. PayPal's privacy policy can be found here.

Pure Ocarinas receives no Credit or Debit card information from PayPal and security of this is their responsibility.

If you visit the cart page, your IP address will be shared with This service is used to find your country for shipping, so that you don't have to enter it manually.

Data Retention


Your address will be stored to ship you your order, and will be retained for 3 months following the dispatch of your order. This is to account for problems with shipping.

Your name and the details of your order will be kept indefinitely, unless removal is requested.

Your email address will be stored in order to send you a notification when your order has been dispatched. It will be stored for 3 months. At the current time Pure Ocarinas does not make use of email marketing.