Privacy policy

Pure Ocarinas will never sell personal information, however depending on your usage of this website, information may be shared with the following entities for operational purposes:

Google analytics

Pure Ocarinas uses google analytics to track site usage, to help make the website better for users.


Payments are processed using PayPal, and they are sent information on the items being purchased, so that they can display a cart. I have no control over what PayPal does with this data, or the payment information entered into the PayPal payment gateway. PayPal's privacy policy can be found here.

Pure Ocarinas receives no Credit or Debit card information from PayPal and security of this data is their responsibility.

If you visit the cart page, your IP address will be shared with the webite This service is used to find your country for shipping, so that you don't have to enter it manually.


Pure Ocarinas uses cookies in order to implement the shopping cart and checkout experience. Google analytics uses cookies to track usage of this website.

Data Retention

Mailing list

If you register for our mailing list, your name and email address will be stored until you unsubscribe from the mailing list.


Pure Ocarinas uses a shopping cart that does not use user registration, and retained data is intentionally minimised to protect individual privacy:

Server logs

Pure Ocarinas maintains logs of site usage including your IP address and pages visited in order to detect and fix website problems and detect abuse. We do not have a fixed retention period for this data, although it is cleared periodically.

Google analytics

Site usage data recorded by google analytics will be stored indefinitely.