Pure Soprano G Ocarina

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Why 11 holes?

11 hole ocarinas do not need the accute bend to sound the high notes. Consequently the ergoomics are improved making fast playing easier. These ocarinas have no low end breath cut, meaning these notes are louder and easier to play in tune.


Soprano G (shellac) by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
I played this for hours without stopping - its so ergonomic and light my hands didnt cramp!

Incredibly rich tone. I adore the clean high notes and the breath curve was very natural to settle into.

Being my first shellac, I was very impressed with how fluid yet precise I could finger with this material.

Very professional instrument. I love performing with it ????
The purest of sounds by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
I bought this ocarina at the Ocarina festival in Budrio, after i had the chance to try the different ones that Robert created. I liked this one, the green one, from the beginning! Its ergonomics are great and the fact that the design is actually made to ease some movements is impressive. The tone it's very light and Pure as I like to call it. The volume is not too loud for a soprano which is something I really appreciate. The breath curve it's very nice as it doesn't vary too much in breath pressure when going down to the low notes. The breath requirement is high-ish but I find myself comfortable with it. With this ocarina I also discovered that 11 holes allow you to have that extra note without the need for acute bending, a technique that I find annoying. I highly recommend these ocarinas, this soprano G as well as the alto D model as I had the chance to try both.