Pure Double Alto G Ocarina

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Ideal Ocarina by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
I am very fortunate to be an owner of this ocarina. Perfectly crafted, perfect ergonomics, perfect balance between chambers and amazing tone. Highly recommended - these are serious ocarinas for the serious ocarina player.

Here is a video I made using Pure Double Ocarina in G: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8lWcc7JryM
Nice sound, well balanced ocarina by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
I bought this ocarina last year and had the chance to experiment with it for a while. It is a perfect ocarina for practice and play in a closed ambient. It has many features that I like. Ergonomics is very good, it is easy and intuitive to reach both chambers with the fingers, without pivoting the thumb to position properly. The angle of blowing has a thin direction, you need to get used to it at first but this is very good, because you can play legato passages, switching back and forth the chambers fast and very easy, without inserting wonky noise by blowing in both chambers.

The ocarina does not require acute bend on any note, but contrarily the acute bend might worsen the sound. This makes it flexible, you can easily play in tune, standing up, sitting on a chair or laying in bed. Characteristic is soft blown, sound is nice with any breathing technique, for beginners might create bad reflex to blow without proper breathing down the diafragm to create the round sound.

You can also play loud if needed, by overblowing with up to a semitone without becoming airy on high notes.

I recommend this ocarina, it is surprisingly comfortable, it has its own mood and 'personality' and I will be interested in a potential double C in the future.
Double Alto G Ocarina by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
This is an amazing functional work of art! The tones are so pure I cant imagine how Robert accomlished this. My husband and I both own some nice ocarinas from other makers but this one is my most favoret, it blows me away how simple it is to change chambers and the harmony from both chambers at once is out of this world pure, true and oh so BEAUTIFUL!
It's real music!

I love how smooth the unfinished surface is, I got my lip part only lacquered but as smooth as the body surface is I didn't need to, but still my lips move effortlessly from one chamber to the next. The finger holes are just right, not too big and not too small.

The distance between the holes are perfect for changing both notes as well as chambers.

I am in love with Roberts work!
It is pure joy to play my PureOcarina, thanks so much Robert!
Wonderful Double Alto G by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
Hello Robert, I wanted to wait til I had a chance to give this ocarina a really good workout before I emailed you. I'm soooo glad that I opted for the unshellacked mouthpiece! I absolutely LOVE how easy this is to change chambers! This has now become my favourite double ocarina!

Thank you!
Another great creation from Pure by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
I purchased this ocarina at the International Ocarina Festival in Budrio, in 2017.

I always admired Robert's work, and i was looking forward to try out his new DAG. I found out they were even better than what i thought! The ergonomics of this ocarina are great and it feels really comfortable, way more than another double i bought at the same festival from another maker. The sound is deep and dreamy. It has become my new favourite!

I'll be waiting for the DAC!