Pure Double Alto G Ocarina

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The deadline for christmas orders was 10th november, new orders may not ship before January 2018.

The Asian tuned production design has a split hole on the second chamber like the 'Shellac' picture above.

Double ocarina tuned in G, the version shown is with Asian fingerings so 2 octaves total. The second chamber has a thumb hole for the highest note.


Another great creation from Pure by
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I purchased this ocarina at the International Ocarina Festival in Budrio, in 2017.
I always admired Robert's work, and i was looking forward to try out his new DAG. I found out they were even better than what i thought! The ergonomics of this ocarina are great and it feels really comfortable, way more than another double i bought at the same festival from another maker. The sound is deep and dreamy. It has become my new favourite!
I'll be waiting for the DAC!