Pure Double Alto D ocarina

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The double alto D ocarina is ideal for playing most Irish traditional music with a range matching the tin whistle (C#5 to B6), and covering the sounding range of all common Irish tunes.

Playing irish music on this ocarina is easier than Asian double ocarinas, as the chambers are tuned with two notes of overlap, thanks to the Pacchioni system. This massively reduces the need for chamber switching, and gives you more freedom to place chamber switches in musically appropriate places.

This tuning also means that the ocarina behaves almost identically to a tin whistle regarding finger ornamentation. Every note that can be rolled on a tin whistle can be on this ocarina. Additionally it is possible to roll the first chamber high D using the thumb, impossible on a whistle. You can also easily trill notes that would otherwise lie across two chambers.

It is available in two finishes, ether plain earthenware or shellac finish. I much prefer the plain finish myself, as the rougher porous surface makes sliding fingers much easier. With a sealed sirface they will tend to cling, which makes sliding fingers and chamber switching unpredictable.

However, you should note that the plain finish does stain easily and cannot be cleaned without refiring the instrument. I do not find this to be a problem as over time they age to a slightly yellowed appearance similar to old bone. That likeness is frequently cited by people who have seen them. I almost exclusively play plain ocarinas myself. More on plain ocarinas


Pure Double Alto D - Shellac by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
Finally received my Pure alto D, and I'm very happy with it. After a few days of being able to play around with it, I must say that it's easily the most ergonomically comfortable ocarina I've played. The breath curve is fairly minimal - I was able to comfortably play the entire range without having to increase or decrease my breath pressure too much.

Although the overlap tuning system of the double D doesn't offer the range as my other doubles, it does make playing certain tunes that require chamber switching frequently between the first and second chamber easier, as I don't have to switch chambers as much.

Aesthetically, it's a simple design, but it's very much catered to the comfort of the player, and the shellac finish is gorgeous. Overall, this ocarina ticks most of the boxes for me. I'd recommend it if you're looking for a quality double ocarina in P tuning system.
Excellent Instrument by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
This is, simply put, the finest ocarina I have ever played. I've owned many "high end" ocarinas that are far more expensive than this, but none match the attention to detail to be found here. The ergonomics are perfect, the instrument balances beautifully in the hands, and the chamber balance is excellent. The breath curve is smooth and predictable, the tuning is excellent, and the tone is just the right balance of breathy and pure. It is an absolute joy to play.

Many ocarina makers are artists, and approach the making of their instruments as such. But making sound is also a product of science and engineering, and I believe no other ocarina maker combines the art, science, and engineering of ocarina making the way Robert does. His thoughtfulness and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the instrument. I cannot recommend this instrument highly enough.