Pure Alto D Ocarina

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The pure ocarinas alto D was designed for playing folk music, such as English and Irish traditional music. These tunes are normally played in D, G or E minor in communal sessions so a D ocarina is ideal.

Why D over C?

While you can play in D on a C ocarina, you lose two notes of range relative to an ocarina in D, specifically the high F# and G. Having an instrument with these notes allow you to play a lot of folk tunes as they are written. Playing on a D instrument also simplifies the fingering of such tunes which can allow more possibilities with finger articulations.

Why 11 holes?

11 hole ocarinas do not need the acute bend to sound the high notes. Consequently the ergonomics are improved making fast playing easier. These ocarinas have no low end breath cut, meaning these notes are louder.

Other music

The range of the pure alto D is also ideal for playing music of the Sackpipa, an indigenous bagpipe of Sweden. It's 1 octave E to E range fits perfectly on this ocarina.


A tune book for the Sackpipa, in German. The second half has many tunes in standard notation.


Numerous play-along videos of Swedish pipe music:



Lockdown Ocarina by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
When my neighbours started playing weekly music outside during lockdown, I wanted to join in but only had a child’s plastic 4 hole ocarina. It served me well for a short while but, when searching for information about adapting music for an ocarina with a limited range, I came across the Pure Ocarina website. The amount of thought and effort on the website for those of us who are new to the ocarina is simply amazing. Detailed tutorials with audio and video clips have been so useful to me and have clearly been put together by a person who knows their stuff. I felt sure that someone with this level of dedication would make equally refined ocarinas and I have not been disappointed. I’ve been impressed with the sound quality of my alto D and have received many compliments. The transverse shape is so much easier to hold than my plastic pendant and the tail and cappello are perfectly placed to ensure the ocarina remains well balanced on the high notes. I am still learning the basics but am finding the design leads to intuitive developments and improvements. I have noted the meticulous cleaning of glaze from the inside of the fingerholes mentioned by another reviewer.
Many thanks for a quality product that I intend to master in time!
Delightful! by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
I have the plain alto D with 11 holes, and it looks and feels great in my hands. Then I played it, and it blew me away! It sounds great and will work in well with my whistles and for playing folk music. It must have been made for me because it did not take long to work out how much breath it required and I was able to play a piece straight off, no fumbling to find out if my fingers were in the right place, which usually happens as my hands are very small. Breathing is a breeze.
This ocarina begs to be played, and its pure clean sound will make it a favourite. Its a winner! I love it!
Awesome by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
This is a great ocarina that I use most the time when I'm home or in safe places. No need for acute bending for the high pitch! Great finishing!! Mine is 1 year old and looks like new ^^
Fabulous! by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
As soon as I started to play the scale on the Pure Alto D, I knew I had a winner in my hands. The ocarina had a clear,and clean sound all the way up and down the scale. No weakness in the upper notes and a solid subhole note.

Ergonomically, the ocarina is well designed. The fingerholes are placed ideally for my hands and fingers. I have no problems with reaching or covering any of the holes. The overall balance of the ocarina is good. It sits well in your hands with no danger or tipping when you lift off all your fingers to play high notes.
Great for folk music sessions by
Item Rating: 5 of 5
This is a great ocarina which has a straightforward linear breath curve which makes it easy to play in tune. It is expertly designed with ergonomics in mind.

It has a moderately high breath pressure in which you do not have to hold back your breath. Though the breath pressure is high, the ocarina isn't overly loud which makes it ideal to play with other musicians as you will not drain out the sound of their instruments. This along with it being in the key of D makes this the ocarina to get for traditional Irish folk music.