Terms and conditions for sales of 'Serious ocarina player' ebook

Sales of the Serious Ocarina Player e-book are final and non-refundable. The book can be downloaded through the website, and we will also email a download link to you using the provided email address. These links do expire, but customers can always reply to their purchase email, or contact robehickman@gmail.com, including the transaction ID given in your email, and request a new link at any time free of charge.

Customers of the e-book are entitled to free updates for life, and you can opt into these when you purchase. When an update is released, we will email you a new download link for the updated version of the e-book. This mailing list is used exclusively to announce or distribute updates of Serious Ocarina Player, and for no other reason.

You can request removal, or to update your email address, at any time by contacting robehickman@gmail.com. These requests must include your transaction ID, provided in your download email, in order to prevent abuse. You may also reply to a update email you have received to request removal, and such requests do not require your transaction ID, given that the contents of the update email is not deleted from your reply.

Your name and the fact of your order will be stored indefinitely for accounting purposes, and as a means of verifying payment in the case a new download link is requested in the future. If you do not opt-in to free updates, your email address will be stored for a period of 3 months. If you do opt in to free updates, your email address will also be stored indefinitely.

Pure Ocarinas will never share or sell your personal information with/to 3rd parties. But, do note that payments are handled by PayPal, and any information entered into their site is subject to their terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

The print version of Serious Ocarina Player is sold and distributed by lulu.com and other 3rd party distributors. These entities operate under their own terms and conditions, and privacy policies.