How to promote the ocarina as a serious instrument


This summarises some points from the article Improving the poor approach of players learning the ocarina .

Promote the ocarina using skilled performances, not visual gimmicks

Promote the ocarina to skilled players of other instruments

This is potentially effective as skilled players will already have an audience and know how to practice. Having some good performances to point to will definitely help.

Teaching the ocarina to children

This has some obvious pros and cons:

These things can be addressed as follows:

I believe that this is best approached one to one, in the same way as other instruments are taught. The issue with perception can be mitigated if virtuosic ocarina performances exist and the general public is aware of them.

Make good instruments available

Make required information available

A lot of information is needed to understand and get started playing ocarinas due to the number of variations that exist, so:

Organise more in-person meetups

There is a chance that people in the general public would see and become interested in playing through groups like this.

Accept that there are places where the ocarina is not a good fit

Ocarinas are often forced into situations that they are not terribly appropriate for, such as: