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Hi guys, I'm Robert, the creator of Pure Ocarinas. The ocarina became my passion in 2011. Inspired by the unique sound of the instrument, I began researching how to play them well, and how to make ocarinas that sound reliably over their entire range.

Pure Ocarinas make no compromises. They are concert quality musical instruments designed to make complex music easier to play. These ocarinas are comfortable to hold, with great ergonomics, accurate tuning and a minimal breath curve.

I also compiled my research into a fantastic book, Serious Ocarina Player, so that you can also learn how to play the ocarina well, and share this beautiful instrument with others.


Comfortable and Beautiful

The craftsmanship is impeccable and the blue glaze is immaculate. It is so comfortable to hold and beautiful to play that practising is no chore.

Absolutely beautiful

This ocarina is incredible! The workmanship is top notch and the thing just looks stunning. The ergonomics are great. It also plays like a dream and sounds absolutely incredible. The breath curve feels so natural and its perfectly tuned. Every time I play it my soul gets filled with joy.

Truly a fine instrument

I received my Ocarina yesterday and I've had difficulty putting it down. The breath curve is incredibly even and the tone is crystal clear. I fully recommend this to musicians who want a quality, capable instrument for their Ocarina!!

Highly Recommend

I purchased an Alto C and it surpassed my expectations. It is smooth, easy to play, and gives a concert quality sound.

Equally Beautiful and Practical

I appreciate the ergonomics, and the shellac finish gives mine an amazing feel. The notes are clear. I would highly recommend a Pure to anyone who is looking for a professional ocarina.

Amazing DAG

It is an amazing musical instrument in the way it looks, plays and sounds. I am very happy with it! The fact that it is not a high breath ocarina and that I do not need ear plugs when I play it makes it my dream ocarina.

The cover of the book Serious Ocarina Player by Robert Hickman, showing two ocarinas

Serious Ocarina Player will help you to progress your ocarina playing beyond the basics. It details things which affect the sound of an ocarina, what the instrument is capable of, and what to expect from the instrument, all in one place. Learn more--->