Concert quality ocarinas
designed for the

Why Pure Ocarinas?

Pure ocarinas were designed from the start as concert quality musical instruments for playing complex music, and have numerous innovations designed to help you, the player, perform your best:

  • No compromises, concert quality every time
  • Comfortable to hold and play, due to great ergonomic design
  • Great tone, with a balanced timbre and volume over the instrument's whole range
  • Easier to play in tune, every ocarina is hand tuned twice for accuracy
  • Helps you to play fast, with clean high notes that just work

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Perfect ergonomics

To be ergonomic means that something is designed to fit the human body, and Pure Ocarinas place ergonomics as first priority, their:

  • Finger holes are angled to fit the hand
  • Left thumb hole is angled so the finger may rest flat
  • Right thumb hole has a ridge to make rolling the finger off the hole easier
  • Physical design provides good support points, with a functional cappello and tail
  • Weight is balanced in two axis to roll towards mouth
  • Mouthpiece is angled to reduce hand tension, and shaped to fit your lips
  • Finger hole edges are softened, to increase player comfort
  • Finishes are chosen to provide great playing feel

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Serious Ocarina Player will help you to progress your ocarina playing beyond the basics. It details things which affect the sound of an ocarina, what the instrument is capable of, and what to expect from the instrument, all in one place. Learn more--->