Zoom ocarina lessions avalable

Just a heads up that my partner Kristina Lago is now offering online ocarina lessions through Zoom, you can find out more on her site.


Kristina is an ocarina mentor, which means thatyou remain in control. Her job is to offer you advice.

For a complete biginner, having a few lessions from a mentor can save you a ton of time by correcting trivial mistakes, helping you to play more interesting music sooner.

For an intermediate player, mentoring can help you to advance your skill, and show you how to add life to the music you play.

learning by yourself, you are responceable for noticing and correcting your mistakes, which requires a great deal of reserch and dicipline. Having a mentor eases the task, and allows you to see things you would not by yourself.

Give mentoring a try, Im sure you will find it valuble.