Tunable multichamber ocarina

Tunable single chamber ocarinas have existed for a long time, using a moveable plug to displace chamber volume. These are generally not very effective as the volume displaced by this plug is insignificant relative to the total volume of the chamber.

In order to be effective the plug needs to displace a greater portion of the total volume, this may be achieved by making the plugs external diameter close to the diameter of the chamber. If the plug shaded one of the finger holes from the inside, it's tuning would be flattened and the diameter of the hole would have to change. In order to prevent this the plug is kept separate from the main chamber, in a parallel tube extending off the primary volume.

The plug may slide along this separate volume, to change the total volume of the chamber, and thus adjust the tuning.

This same idea can be applied to multi chambered ocarinas, for example double and triple ocarinas. As the higher chambers have no free left hand end to situate the tuning plug, it must be located at the right hand side of the chamber. On a double ocarina there would be one plug on the right hand side and two on a triple ocarina.

In order to correlate the tuning across the multiple chambers the plugs could be marked with graduations. These graduations would be spaced such that an equal number would need to show to match the tuning of all chambers.

tunable multi-chamber ocarina

tunable double ocarina

tunable triple ocarina