Lydian Soprano G Ocarina

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Single chamber soprano G ocarina with the low C tuned sharp, such that the neutral fingering produces a G Lydian scale. As the highland bagpipe has the same scale it is ideal for playing highland pipe tunes.

Due to the larger right middle finger hole the sub hole has been moved to the left hand.


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I ordered this ocarina in March after I talked to Robert about my love for traditional music and my experience playing the ocarina and the tin whistle. The ocarina took longer to arrive than I anticipated, but I knew that the instrument would take awhile to come since it was made to order and that the delays Robert faced in making it were of no fault of his own. Nevertheless, the ocarina was definitely worth waiting for.

One of the most impressive things Robert's ocarinas is that all of the features that make them aesthetically beautiful make them ergonomic. Every ramp, ridge, and curve on the ocarina aids the player in holding the instrument, making high notes and fast playing easy to handle without any worry of accidental drops. The plain finish, which I ordered, enhances the ergonomics further, as its rough and porous surface prevents the players hands from sticking to the ocarina and thus makes sliding movements easy to accomplish.

Fingering the neutral scale is comfortable, and the split hole and subhole feel natural to use. I ordered mine with Italian fingering, which is a perfectly reasonable request if one has hands sufficiently large to cover the larger pinky hole necessary, and I like it for this particular ocarina since it puts the high B in a position more convenient to play for tunes in the keys of A and D that require it. All accidentals including low C natural are available via cross fingering, so the player is not limited to the repertoire of the Highland bagpipe. That said, Highland bagpipe music sounds absolutely beautiful on this instrument and is intuitive to play.

Of course, tuning and tone are the most important things when it comes to any musical instrument, and this ocarina excels in both. The tone from low F# to high F# is sweet and ever so slightly earthy, and the highest notes are pure but with a certain breathy feel that keeps them from being overly penetrating. The breath requirement was higher than I anticipated, but the volume is more than adequate and the breath curve is nearly flat. The ocarina's tone and playing characteristics suit the Highland bagpipe repertoire perfectly. If you love bagpipe music and are a beginning or an accomplished ocarinist looking for a quality instrument made for playing your favourite bagpipe tunes, I cannot recommend this instrument enough.