Learn to play the ocarina

Serious Ocarina Player book cover

Learn to play the ocarina with 'Serious Ocarina Player', a book which covers playing the ocarina from the basics, to advanced topics.

If you prefer, this book is also available as an Ebook, and paper editions, which you can find here.

Ocarina basics

What is an ocarina?

What are ocarinas capable of?

Types of ocarinas

Which ocarina type should I learn?

The design of transverse ocarinas

Ocarina anatomy

Keys and pitch ranges

How ocarinas work

Ocarina ergonomics

The ocarina's fingering system

Breath curves and tuning

Tuning and ambient temperature

Choosing an ocarina

Evaluating ocarina quality

Measuring an ocarina's breath curve

Playing characteristics and timbre

Finish differences and ocarina care

Choosing your first ocarina

Playing your first music

What is a melody?

Getting started playing the ocarina

Learning the fingerings

Approaching music as a beginner

Where to breathe

Holding, blowing and playing in tune

How to hold an ocarina

Playing the high notes

Blowing an ocarina correctly

Intonation (playing in tune)

Dealing with warm or cold environments

Getting a good sound on the high notes

Getting started playing ocarina with sheet music

How sheet music works

How to approach sheet music as a beginner

Reading rhythms: forget counting

Identifying playable sheet music

Getting started playing ocarina by ear

The basics of playing the ocarina by ear

Finding notes and playing longer melodies

Common patterns in music

Learning to identify melodic intervals by ear

Effective practice

Practising the ocarina effectively

The value of mentours

High tempo playing

Recording for practice

Blowing and intonation

Playing multichamber ocarinas

Multichamber ocarinas & tunings

Multichamber fingerings

Holding a multichamber ocarina

Blowing a multichamber ocarina

Chamber switching

Articulation and ornamentation

Articulating notes on the ocarina


Ornamentation: rolls, cranns, and strike cranns

Articulation and ornamentation applied

Music and the ocarina

Modifying music to fit the ocarina

Playing ocarinas in different keys

Choosing the best ocarina key for a tune

Aproaching basic theory

Octaves and scale formation

Playing by ear (yes it's possible)

Harmony for ocarina players

Frequently asked questions

Is the ocarina easy to play?

Is the ocarina a good instrument for young children?

Why do I get hand pain from playing the ocarina?

Why do I get a lot of moisture in my ocarina?

Why does my ocarina have airy high notes?

Why does my ocarina sound airy in recordings?

Why does my ocarina squeak on its high notes?

Why does my ocarina sound out of tune?

Why are my ocarina's high notes flat?

How do I switch chambers smoothly?

How do I mute an ocarina?


Finding interest in technical exercises

Basic scales for single chamber ocarinas

Diatonic intervals for ocarina

Pentatonic scales for the ocarina


Want to play well? Stop using ocarina tabs!

Cons of the ocarina as a first instrument

Seven common ocarina mistakes to avoid

How to record an ocarina

Composing for the ocarina

Challenges in marketing the ocarina

Guiding principles: How to become a great ocarina player

Notating fingered articulations (cuts and strikes)

Teaching music to children

Ideological dissonance, and a case for electronic 'ocarinas'