Do you make zelda ocarinas?

Pure ocarinas does not make Zelda ocarinas, and if you are serious about playing the instrument, I strongly advise that you avoid them.

The ocarina depicted in 'legend of Zelda ocarina of time' is a visual prop with many design flaws. For instance the rounded shape offers no sane way of holding the ocarina on it's high notes. Additionally, the placement of the mouthpiece is acoustically poor. The finger holes are also styled after the Nintendo 64 controller, with no way to practically cover them.

Any ocarina which closely follows this design will have serious playability issues. The playable Zelda ocarinas which do exist on the market either seriously compromise playability, or have deviated so far from the original they bare a passing resemblance at best.

I believe that the game has served it's purpose in that the ocarina is known to a wider audience. To reach it's full potential the instrument has to develop a repertoire of it's own.