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All ocarinas on this website can be finished with any of the finishes shown. They are not always listed as producing pictures for all possible permutations takes time. They are being added as they are made.

Italian fingering

Making ocarinas with Italian fingering is generally not a problem. However it may not be possible with lower keys as the left pinky hole may be too large to cover.

alternate tunings

I am happy to make ocarinas tuned to scales besides the typical major. For example a Lydian tuned G, to match the scale of the highland pipes.

Custom keys

Developing new ocarina keys generally takes a considerable amount of time. That being said there are some exceptions. It is easy to tune an 11 hole ocarina with 10 holes, resulting in a ocarina tuned a semitone flat. I.e. a B major 10 hole ocarina from a 11 hole C.

visual designs

I do occasionally make visually styled ocarinas, however they take a considerable amount of time and carry a high risk of failure. Because of this I typically have to make multiple ocarinas to protect against one failing, and they are priced to reflect this. Also I will not make designs that seriously harm the ocarinas playing characteristics or ergonomics.