Can I learn to play an instrument?

Yes of course you can learn to play an instrument, let me show you the basics:

Music is constructed from a seven note scale, I suspect you've heard of C major for example. It consists of the notes called C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. Each one of these names refers to a unique pitch. You can click or tap on the buttons below to hear how they sound.

Melodies are simply a collection of these notes played one after another. For example a tune could consist of the notes below. Reading these from left to right you would play E, then D, then C and so on.


Try playing these notes using the buttons given above. It should sound like this:

All melodic instruments in western music are based on this same system of notes. Playing an instrument is a simple matter of pressing the right key, fretting the right string, or using the correct fingering to sound the notes in the right order.


You may have noticed that something is missing from the explanation above. Surely music contains more than 7 notes, pianos have 88 keys after all.

When two notes sound and one is exactly double or half the frequency the human mind perceives them equivalently. This is convenient for us musicians because the notes actually repeat. After the note B, the sequence repeats from C one octave higher.

If you don't believe me just watch and listen to the following animation. The same sequence of notes is played 3 times in 3 different octaves. Finally all 3 of them are played together. Notice how they all sound much the same.